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Looking for a SECOND OPINION?
In the past 20 years our center has consolidated itself as a veterinary referral hospital in the region
Responsible Pet ownership
Deciding to get a pet is a commitment to be mature and consent.
Although, this is our profession, we discourage dogs, cats or any other pets as a "surprise gift" for someone who might not be ready for the responsibility. Like everything in life, it has positive effects, but also certain obligations and responsibilities that you must know and be prepared to accept.
My dog Blood Donor
Unlike human hospitals that have Cold Blood Banks, at Villablanca Veterinary Hospital we have created a sanitary controlled group of dogs who can donate their blood when other patients need to receive fresh blood, a substantial advantage over the chilled blood.
The Beauty Salon at Home: Toilet and bathing
Imagine a typical day ... go out with your dog playing endlessly with other dogs, filled with mud and slime of the other dogs also a rainy day and when you get home from humidity, dirt and smell of your dog’s sebaceous glands is difficult to live with it.
Photographs of your pet
Techniques to make some stunning photographs of your dog are very similar to those you would use to take pictures of any wild animal: infinite patience, consider light and movement, be aware that you are photographing an animal, and a lot of shots with the camera!.
Anyway, its always good to be prepared, so here are some helpful tips for you to consider...
Barking dog....!
Checking your dogs barking is a major responsibility as an owner. At the end of the day, excessive barking can be annoying not only for you but also for your neighbours.
Travel! .... Not without my dog.
Traveling with your dog can be a rewarding and enjoyable if you plan on traveling with your pet properly. The travel arrangements change when traveling with animals. A poorly planned trip can end up being a bad time for both your dog and you.

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