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My dog Blood Donor

My dog Blood Donor

Unlike human hospitals that have Cold Blood Banks, at Villablanca Veterinary Hospital we have created a sanitary controlled group of dogs who can donate their blood when other patients need to receive fresh blood, a substantial advantage over the chilled blood.

CONDITIONS for your dog to be a Blood Donor:

  1. Dog must be one year or older, but less than 7 years old
  2. Healthy, no history of chronic disease, infections or parasitic
  3. Weighing more than 25 kg NOT OBESE
  4. Good personality, enabling the blood extraction
  5. Well nourished, vaccinated and wormed regularly.
  6. Each Donor can donate a maximum of 4 times per year or once every 3 months. Never less than two months gap at the time of donation, Villablanca Veterinary Hospital vets will check the donor’s health as well as the absence of diseases in the blood donated to the patient.

For this, we perform a   complete clinical examination of the Donor and their Blood:

  • CBC
  • Serological analysis of infectious diseases:
  • Leishmaniasis (mosquito disease)
  • Ehrlichiosis (transmitted by ticks)
  • Lyme disease (tick)
  • Anaplasmosis (transmitted by ticks)
  • Dirofilariosis (Heartworm disease).


These systematic tests are performed annually, the results are valid for the following donations and   not to be repeated each time   (Except the CBC)   unless the hospital is told otherwise or if the veterinarian suspects that the Donor have any signs of illness at the time or in future donations.


ADVANTAGES   for the Donor:

All donors will be acknowledged in our computer system for easy access when necessary.


The goal at Villablanca Veterinary Hospital is to ensure healthy donors. To do this, the   Health Profile   (Exploration and Analysis) prior to donation, will be held without charge  for the Donor (Normal Price € 193.00 + IVA).


To mainly enable   the   prevention of infectious diseases and parasites, as well as proper nutrition, we offer special discounts in following preventive medicine   and hygienic - dietetic   during   one year.  From the first time donation and renewable each term (one year) from each donation made.

  • 25% off   in the next   annual vaccination
  • 10% off   in   oral deworming   against tapeworms and pinworms          
  • 10% off   on prevention of mosquito-borne diseases, specifically   Pipettes, Advantix or Scalibor collar
  • 10% off   in  all 12 kg weight bags of dry food in our Pet Shop that works with the highest and most trusted brands like Hill's, Royal Canin, Affinity, etc.,
  • 10% off   in the hair dresser for bathing and cutting or both
  • 10% off   in accessories and boutique

REQUIREMENTS   for the Donor:

  1. The Owner must be available and have enough time to bring   the pet to our hospital. You must comprehend that you can be called at any time including late hours, nights or weekends.
  2. The fact that your pet is a Blood Donor does not means that it must attend. If not impossible for whichever reason let us know and we will call the next one on the list.
  3. The owner of a dog Donor   must accept to   perform all systematic tests described.
  4. Very nervous dogs or   unstable in nature will be rejected.   Yet the Owner   must accept   the vet’s decision whether to apply a mild sedative on your pet, avoiding unnecessary anxiety, apprehension and facilitating blood collection fast and safe for the donor.

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