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Responsible Pet ownership

Responsible Pet ownership

Deciding to get a pet is a commitment to be mature and consent.
Although, this is our profession, we discourage dogs, cats or any other pets as a "surprise gift" for someone who might not be ready for the responsibility. Like everything in life, it has positive effects, but also certain obligations and responsibilities that you must know and be prepared to accept.

One positive thing is the companion; facing the challenge of education and responsibility ... When the effort is reflected you feel proud and satisfaction is massive. A commitment is dedication, the effort to deliver a proper education and to face some costs in accessories, food, veterinary services, etc... Besides, we assume that if they get sick they may require special care. When you travel, you have to search for destinations that allows their company (more places are accepting), or to search for a temporary home if you decide to travel without them.

It all starts with the choice "I want a pet." Once the decision is made, you can search for advise (without giving up perception and desires), whether choosing dog or cat, male or female, if one breed or another, pedigree or individual, shelter or rescue.

It is very important from the beginning to both start a balance diet and precise behaviour the first weeks at home.  At Villablanca Veterinary Hospital our main concern is puppy management, we can provide you with hand-outs to maximize the socialization period (from 8 to 16 weeks of age in dogs) for the benefit of all.

You must not follow or fear "urban legends" about animals , such as "do not take the dog out to the end of all vaccines", "do not socialize with other dogs", " not bathing "," do not hold cats in your arms ", etc..

We will help you puppy to quickly control bowel movements (element of great frustration for many homeowners). Instruct you on how to walk without pulling the strap, recommend food, how to brush, how to care for their teeth, how to wash, how to get him used to the hairdresser if it is long or short  haired dog or cat, etc.. All this, will avoid health and future behaviour problems. We are committed to the welfare of our patients and the satisfaction of our customers.

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