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HAIRDRESSER - Canine and Feline Aesthetics

Un auténtico Salón de Belleza

Villablanca Veterinary Hospital has the best facilities in marble and feline aesthetics, with the latest hairdressing techniques and equipment necessary for best results.  

Our goal is always for   Your Pet to look and feel gorgeous   and you   happy and satisfied.

Depending on breed and hair type, we use different techniques cutting and / or brushing like stripping, trimming, cutting with scissors, machine and always finishing with scissors.

We also have   bathing and / or haircut for cats, using a   shampoo suited to every skin type and hair   and always depending on its state of mind. If we see any problems, your pet may be seen by the   doctor specializing in dermatology, always with your consent, which we recommend the appropriate treatment shampoo   for the skin problem.  

Innovated in the field of application of specialize animal dyes for your pet hair   always using   organic and safe products   for the skin and hair. We also perform an allergy test 24 hours before application, as in people.

With many years in the profession we can guarantee customer satisfaction to both you and your pet. Currently we refine our scissor cuts and stripping in different breeds.

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