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The Villablanca Veterinary Hospital's pet shop, in Fuengirola,   is   specializing in dogs and cats, offering a selection of the best brands in   food, supplements, and accessories.   Here you will find everything you need for the welfare of your precious pet.

We offer you a wide selection of the best   food products to healthy animals   which are on the market. For our pets also applies the saying "we are what we eat", so   all you will find in our store is the best quality food.

Our staff is trained to   guidance   you to buy the   most appropriate food for your family member by breed, size, age, etc…

Our   brands   are world famous and quality assurance that can be demonstrated through research and innovation power of pets:   Royal Canin, Science Plan best known as Hill's, Affinity, Specific ...   are always present on our shelves for anyone to look.

And why not ... for our loyal customers   there are always deals, freebies and discounts that will make it easier and fun to feed their pets the best.  

But eating is not everything!   Our "furry" friends need further   supplements   and   basic accessories   for day to day   like, care and fun.

We have a wide selection of   fashion clothing firms to   dress your pets with the most "chic"   and complements for the training or the day-to-day as   harnesses,   collars, leashes,   bags,   toys,   scrapers,   educational systems and of course ... unique accessories that will make your pet happier and feel more comfortable:   cribs, beds,  booths,   bags,   kennels ...

As a finishing touch we offer besides our   perfumery and   cosmetic shop,   with a selection of exclusive products for them:   perfumes, colognes, shampoos and creams.

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